Stock market investment In India with SP Chandel

The investment of the stock market in India is increasing day by day. It is very important to know what is necessary for this.  Investing in the stock market means buying shares of a company listed on the stock market. Such as the National Stock Exchange or the Bombay Stock Exchange.
Keep that purchased stock with you as soon as you buy the shares of a company. You give some share in that company, and as the company makes a profit and declares a dividend, you get the benefit of the dividend.
Later in the year, the company gains profits at increasing prices by selling it back in the stock market (BSE) NSE).

Who can invest in the stock market?

If we talk about who can invest in the stock market, then in one line the answer will be that – there is no such rule in the Indian stock market that any kind of limit has been fixed, that your You must have such a qualification then only you can invest.

The stock market is for everyone, just like Indian democracy, that is, you only need to open a DEMAT account and TRADING account to invest in the stock market,

So that with the help of your trading account you can order the stock broker to buy shares, and once you buy the shares, the shares get deposited in your DEMAT account,

So, no matter how educated you are, how much you earn, how old you are, where you are going to live, the thing to understand is that – to start investing in the stock market right now So you should have only bank account, and DEMAT and TRADING account,

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Many people who are new to this stock market have some questions in their mind, let’s try to understand the answers to all those questions –

Can people doing government jobs invest in the stock market?

Answer – Yes, you can, of course, on behalf of the government, no such restriction has been imposed for the government employee that people working in government jobs cannot invest in the stock market.

People doing government jobs, or as we have seen earlier that any person can invest in the stock market, mutual fund, the stock market is for everyone.

How much must be written to invest in the stock market?

Answer- Legally, there is no minimum limit for writing studies to invest in the stock market, that is, even if you are not educated or less educated, you can still invest in the stock market.

But in practical terms, investing in the stock market is risky, so you must have so much understanding that you know what you are doing, which shares are buying and why, and what is the risk,

Also, you should start investing in the stock market only after having a good understanding of the stock market, and for this it is necessary that you have sufficient knowledge or training for stock market investing in India.

Benefits of buying shares
You can get good returns by buying shares. There are many companies registered in Share bazar, out of which you can invest your money by choosing any good company.

It is better to rotate the rupees in the bank and invest your earnings in the stock market, but wisely. Because sometimes doing this can make you a millionaire, sometimes you can convert millions of rupees into thousands. There is risk in this.

When should you buy shares?
You can buy shares at any time, there is no special time. You can buy shares at any time, if the market is bearish or is booming.

Due to a festival or on special occasions, the profit of the companies increases their share prices, which then decrease further, at such a time if you buy the shares in the increased price then you may incur losses later.

Buy shares at a time when you think that the market will gain in a few days. You can do this through intra-day-trading in short term investment. But the best investment is long term investment, which if it is done for at least two to three years, then there is sure to be profit.

You should open an account with SEBI in Registered Brokerage Companies only. – The stock is bought through the trading account and placed in the demat, while your profit is transferred to the savings account.

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