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Subject:What are the best stocks to invest for 2020?

Please tell us about some selected shares.

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Tata Motors : individuals expresses numerous words about goodbye that it will resemble General Motors and it won't pick up its worth again and so on and so on. Yet, trust me it will give an excellent return inside one year. Goodbye bunch isn't a bonehead that the organization will wind up along these lines. 
RCOM : Its a best time to get it. As you probably are aware the cost of the considerable number of organizations of Anil Ambani is diminishes however just this organization can possibly duplicate your investment.ypu can put resources into it for an extensive stretch. 
Patel Engineering : As we are going, accepting this sort of improvement inside next 2–3 years India will be the development center point on the planet. The organization is moving around 52 weeks low however trust me you will never discover it again around this cost following a year. It can duplicate your cash. 
yes Bank : We can't state consummately about financial segment since heaps of ecological impacts are there which can influence it. In any case, as my examination the yes bank has a decent arrangement and administration and in view of some administration issue the cost of the offer dropped towards 52 weeks low. You can purchase for a year and have great return. 
To wrap things up, Arvind Ltd : It is hazard to purchase this organization however you can't procure much as the well known line in financial exchange "more hazard more return". It is the best time to put resources into a modest quantity to duplicate it inside 1–2 years. 
Infosys,TCS and Reliance are great among IT organizations. The cost of their offers will increment always and gradually no uncertainty. However, with the exception of TCS nobody has a solid likely arrangement as indicated by me.  

Subject:What is the best research tool for trading?

please Explain it.

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Hello sourabh, There is no simple tool per se. Follow fundamentals, buy stocks or anything at rotational lows and sell at rotational highs, which would be the opposite of what the majority is doing except the pros who are making money buying at highs and selling at lows. Learn basic technical analysis but focus on price manipulation and market structure. Learn what the majority is doing so you know what not to do. 

Subject:What returns will I get from a 10,000 monthly SIP?

please explain

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Rs 10000 invested per month in FD for 20 years at the rate of 8% accumulates to Rs 57 Lakhs, While if the same amount is invested in Mutual fund and if we can assume return of 12%, accumulation would be Rs 92 Lakhs. If the returns from Mutual Fund is 15%, accumulation would be Rs 1.32 Cr.Short term investment (i.e less than 5 years) may provide not high return due to market fluctuations. However, in long term, market fluctuation effect gets neutralized. Mutual Fund has given on an average 18% return over last 20 years.

Subject:what are the tricks of your trade?

Please share your tricks.

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Keep a Trading Journal
A trading journal is the absolute best way to figure out what you are doing right/wrong in trading and how to fix what you are doing wrong.
Forgive Yourself
This one is huge. As traders we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make money quickly. Forgiving ourselves can take some of the pressure off and allow us to see the situation more objectively.
Use Incremental Automation
There are so many trading tools that are available today that are free or cheap. You need to take advantage of them.

Subject:What happens when you hold stock forever?

Should the stock hold?

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If we hold any research stock with us for a long time, then it will surely give us good returns in future. You can hold your stock forever ,until the company dissolve (for any reason), you will be getting dividend in your account from company . Dividend is a part of profit that is distributed to shareholders . Meanwhile if your are holding stock forever you will get appreciation in value of stock until the company get dissolved(if it get appreciated only). 

Subject:Can the stock market be predicted?

Is it correct to predict

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Hello,It would certainly be wrong to predict this. We can analyze the stock market and do a good research and judge the stock market on its estimate. With the right understanding and research, we can take the right decision of the stock market. But we cannot make direct predictions, we can only guess.

Subject:Why do people trade stocks by charts?

What happens if we don't use the chart

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No wonder you can’t see why people trade stocks with charts!They trade stocks using charts because it is the easy way out. You have thousands of stocks available. Some will go up and some will go down. Picking the ones that are likely to go up is not easy. If you use charts it saves all the deep thinking. You just pick a few active and volatile stocks you want to trade and watch the patterns. No thought required, just observation. if you don't use them, you're essentially investing with a blindfold. You won't be able to see what's really happening with the stock.

Subject:How does SIP (investment scheme) work?

Can you explain to an investment layman.

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Thank you for the question.I am glad you asked this. In layman terms, you can say that SIPs are just like recurring deposits but they will give you much higher returns for sure because of the fact that instead of investing in banks you invest in a Fund. It will help you understand SIPs better and make investments.